Mechanical Adjustments:
Minor adjustments can be done at the disablement site.

Battery Services:
When your vehicle experiences battery failure, we will provide a jump-start.

Flat Tire Assistance:
Installation of an inflated spare tire and if not inflated, the vehicle will be towed.

Vehicle Fluid Delivery:
Provides for the delivery of fuel or other fluids needed at the disablement site.(Specific brands or octane rating cannot be promised.) Cost of fluids delivered will be paid by member.

Lockout Services:
When your keys are locked in your vehicle, service will be sent for you to gain entry.

Disabled Vehicles:
Due to a mechanical breakdown, your car will be towed
to an approved service facility.

Auto Accident Towing:
We will arrange to have your vehicle towed to an approved service facility.

You can have the peace of mind knowing you and your family are protected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, throughout the United States and Canada. As an active member, you can enjoy all these great benefits throughout the year.
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